Style Focus: Wearing a Brooch

I have always loved wearing a brooch, and my style predictions for 2016 see these babies making a roaring comeback.

One of my earliest fashion memories is secretly coveting a heart-shaped, gold brooch my Mam used to wear on one of her black jackets.

She seemed like the epitome of style to me then and my feelings for this underutilized little accessory have only grown as the years have gone by. It’s a crying-shame them have such a bad wrap!

That was at least until style gurus and uber famous designers littered their AW15 runways in the little gems. Brooches kicked ass from the Prada and Marc Jacobs shows and made sneaky appearances at Celine and Dolce too.

There are so many super-cool ways to incorporate these decorative pins into everyday wear, but remember keep these tips in mind.

1) Layer accessories with accessories: Have you got a plain bag that needs a touch of colour? A clutch that’s just too bland without a little something extra? There’s no rule that says that you need to wear a brooch on you! Add a touch of sparkle and you’ll be bang on trend.

2) Blazers are your mates: Blazers have always been the friend of the brooch. But, they don’t have to like dated. Adding a playful brooch to the lapel is fine, but investigate unique shapes to sit across a top pocket and you’ll look very stylish indeed.

3) Mix it up: Have you rooted a vintage brooch out of Gran’s jewellery box? Picked one up at a fleamarket? Pair your retro find with a graphic print jumpsuit or a neon clutch for a polished look.

Now check out some of the cool ways to style it below and let me know how you’ll be wearing yours.