The 6 Month Hair Growth Challenge

A about a year and a half ago I did something really stupid. I trotted myself down to my hairdressers and asked for a long bob. An hour and a half later I left the place with what can only be described as a hacked up pixie cut which I’ve been trying return to long, healthy hair ever since.

Unfortunately however I was dealt a cruel hand when it comes to my gruaige and not only is it a pain in the ass to grow,  it’s super thin as well.

Like most ladies, I have hair goals and as I slowly but surely make my way back to longer locks I thought it would be useful to map my progress in a month diary entry for the next six months. I hope to share my tips, advice and research, as well as progress.

Right now my hair is shoulder length and my goal is to grow it another 3/4 inches by the 8th of August. I’ve spent the past few weeks researching tips and advice from the web and health experts of course and I’ve included some of the ones I’ll be abiding by over the next few weeks to give myself a hair growth kick-start.

Shoulder length hair Feb '16.

Shoulder length hair Feb ’16.

Keeping my scalp healthy.
If you expect strong and healthy hair growth then you need to make sure you’re maintaining a healthy scalp. “Hair growth starts with a healthy scalp,” explains celebrity hairstylist, Chaz Dean. “When you cleanse and treat your scalp with healthy ingredients, you product strong, beautiful hair.”

Stop abusing my hair with heat.
I’m a divil for giving my hair a good seeing to with my straightener, but we all know it’s ruining our hair! If you really need to use some heat, decrease the temperature and always using a heat protectant — otherwise, you risk damaging your locks.

Sealing my shower with a splash of cold water.
A splash of cold water over your scalp after a shower can help seal your cuticles and strengthen your hair before you style it.

Make sure to take your vitamins. 
You need to be really sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients in your diet if you’re expecting some decent hair growth. If you’re not certain you’re getting enough, considering adding a multivitamin to your daily routine. Keep your peepers peeled especially for those labelled ‘Hair, Skin and Nails,’

I’m really excited to start taking proper care of my hair, but I’m gonna keep to these basic tips for the first few weeks at least, and stay away from any hair growth shampoos to begin with. I really want to see how looking after my hair naturally can help encourage growth.

Have you got any tips for me? Make sure to check back next month for progress photos and how I’ve been getting on!

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  1. February 8, 2016 / 11:25 am

    I have a long bob as well and even though I really like it, my hair just does not grow!! I’ve been trying for a few months now to look after it with less heat etc so we’ll see how I get on! And I’m gonna start taking vitamins now too 😊😊 x