The New Years Resolutions That Creep Up On You

When the clock strikes midnight and we welcome a new year, I am always pretty stumped when people ask me what my resolutions are going to be for 12 months ahead.

My instinctive reaction to those sorts of, (usually drunken) queries, is what are you asking me for?

Normally, I’ve had one too many glasses of prosecco and am FILLED with Christmas cake and New Year snogging regret. Resolutions are not on my radar!

I’m always saying I’m going to do that #newyears challenge where I write a note every time something good happens to me and pop it in a jar, so that next #newyearseve I can pour them all out and read them and reflect on how good a year it really was. BUT, I never do. Well this year that’s all about to change. Last night I felt so awful. I could only focus on the bad stuff that had happened this year and I completely by-passed the fact that I lost 2 stone, got my full driving license, reconnected with old friends, made awesome new ones and earned myself a diploma! This fabulous copper light piece from @primark is gonna be my new jar for the #newyearpositivity challenge. Make little changes this year and hopefully we’ll all be a little more grateful next year 💘

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But, usually, I find that the resolutions worth keeping,  creep up on me over the months that follow.

What’s the point of reeling off the usual spiel of what will inevitably be broken new year, new me promises?

I’ll quit drinking so much, spending so much and eating so much, and magically, by the 31st of December the following year I’ll be a changed woman and have not a care in the world…

Psshh, that’s never how it works for me…

No,this year, some of my most important resolutions hit me earlier this month.

It occurred to me that I have some wonderful friends in my life that are there for me when things get shit, that has my back no matter what and that take time out of their busy lives to check in with me to see how things are in mine.

But, I also have some names taking up residence on that list of friends, that didn’t deserve to be there.

People who only showed up when they needed something from me, whether it be physical or emotional, and people who just downright treated me badly.

I am SO done with those sorts of people!

Et viola! That right there is what my new years’ resolution is going to be. I’m making a promise to myself, to love me. To think better of myself, to believe that I deserve more.

I deserve good, kind, honest people in my life, and I deserve to be treated in the same manner that I treat others.

I know that all of that is easier said than done, but, you know, baby steps and all that!

Have you guys had any little epiphanies creep up on you since January or am I the only one? Let me know in the comments x