DIY INTERIOR HACK: Make Yourself A Marble Desk

DIY HACK: A Marble Desk

A few months back, I shared a photo on my Facebook page showing how I upcycled an old desk using some marble vinyls that I’d purchased from Amazon.

You all loved it so much that I decided I’d write a small blog post explaining how it works.

I ordered some super-affordable marble vinyls from Amazon, and I checked to make sure they were a decent size so they’d cover my desk (give whatever you plan on covering a quick measure before you order!) I ordered 5 rolls to be safe and they were delivered within three or four days.

DIY Hack - Before Desk

Before the up-cycle.

Applying the vinyls was super simple, you literally just peel away the protective layer on the back, revealing the adhesive covered side and lay it down.

DIY Hack - After Desk

After the up-cycle.

If I made a mistake all I had to do was pull the vinyl up again and start all over.

DIY Hack – The Finished Product.

I covered the entire desk using four and a half rolls and in just a few hours. I ADORE the results. It really ties my room together.

DIY Hack - Completed Desk.

The completed project.

Do think you’d like to give up-cycling a try? Have you got any super cool decorating hacks I need to try? Let me know in the comments!